Did you say awesome?

We make our objects with lots of love and laughter. We hope you enjoy using them as much as we enjoy designing and making them!

On to the mess!

Our collections are designed in such a way as to avoid wasting raw materials. Each time we design an object, we imagine another one with the remains of the first!

Handcrafting takes longer than industrial manufacturing, but it is also more flexible. This quality allows us to adapt our objects and our production to materials of varying shapes and quantities and therefore to materials from re-use or scraps from other sectors (leather scraps from leatherworkers, sapwood and bark from carpenters , etc…)

We give them a second life and offer you unique objects in various colors and textures.

For an affordable short .

Because we manage the entire production in our workshop, from design to sale, from supply to processing, we can optimize each step to offer you objects that are as stunning as they are affordable. Without intermediaries, no design error, no superfluous logistics, reduced manufacturing times and transport costs!

Nobody is perfect …

Handcrafting can generate small defects, as well as materials from re-use, but we select them and we highlight them in order to make unique objects that show you the material as it is, imperfect and wonderful.