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Épicerie Géniale

Makeover Kit — Awesome Gear Edition

Makeover Kit — Awesome Gear Edition

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Transform any object in your home into a racing car, boat, plane or helicopter!

Thanks to the mini drill, the ruler and the screws included in the box, you can easily assemble the different elements and transform all your objects into fun toys.

The kit (+45 pieces, for 4 to 8
gear): 16 wheels, 2 boat masts, 2 sail patterns, 2 small propellers, 1 large propeller, 3 flames, 2 clouds of smoke, 4 arms, 1 tail, 8 numbers and self-adhesive eyes, 2 mini flags, a mini manual drill, a forest, a rule, a user manual.

A kit designed and manufactured by Épicerie Géniale, available in limited quantities.

Keep out of reach of children under 4 years old. From 6 years old with accompaniment, suitable for the whole family!

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